Epitaxial Graphene Lab



Dr. Walter A. de Heer

deheer [~at~] electra.physics.gatech.edu
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Dr. Claire Berger

Research Scientist
CNRS and Georgia Tech
claire.berger [~at~] physics.gatech.edu

Dr. Jan Kunc

Postdoctoral Researcher
jan.kunc [~at~] physics.gatech.edu

Current Graduate Students

Yike Hu
yhu9 [~at~] mail.gatech.edu

John Hankinson
jhankinson [~at~] gatech.edu

Zelei Guo
zguo34 [~at~] gatech.edu

James Palmer
jimbopalmer [~at~] gatech.edu

Past Postdoctoral Researchers

Dr. Rui Dong (University of Nebraska-Lincoln)
Dr. XiaoSong Wu (Peking University, China)

Past Doctoral Graduates

Dr. Ming Ruan, Ph.D. 2012 (McKinsey & Company)
Dr. Michael Sprinkle, Ph.D. 2010 (Intel)
Dr. Xuebin Li, Ph.D. 2008 ( Applied Materials)
Dr. Zhimin Song, Ph.D. 2007 ( Qualcomm)

Past Lab Assistants

Tom Delaubenfels,Zack Taylor, Emilien Durupt, Jessica Bousquet, Karine Madiomanana, William Boyd, Karl Kuhn, David Shaw, Andrew Sivers, Robert Hovden, Nate Brown, Fan Ming, Marie Gorisse

Collaborators at Georgia Tech

External Collaborators